Advertising Policy

Over the past several months, I’ve been working on a lot of “behind-the-scenes” projects I’m extremely excited about. One of them was conducting a top-to-bottom evaluation the structure of Running Writings. One of the major problems I found was the advertising strategy on this website. In the past, Running Writings has been primarily supported by banner ads from third-party advertising networks like Google’s Adsense.

While I love earning money by writing about running, too often these ads would be intrusive, offensive, or contrary to the mission of my blog. I saw far too many sleazy ads for weight-loss supplements that I’d never recommend to anybody and obvious, poorly-written clickbait spam.

Because of this, I’ve decided to take direct control over the advertising content on Running Writings as soon as possible. Once my third-party ads have earned enough to get my next “cash out,” I will eliminate them for good. This process should take about two months.

In place of third-party ads, I will be using affiliate marketing links and ad units from Amazon and a few other relevant retailers. This is a much better advertising model for both me and my readers, because it gives me direct control over the products and services I advertise, it is far less intrusive, and it does not cost you anything—the price you pay is exactly the same.

When you click an affiliate link on Running Writings and make a purchase, you are directly supporting my work. In exchange for this, I promise I will never advertise or promote a product or service I do not personally use or wouldn’t recommend to my closest friends.

In the past, I have been approached to do sponsored blog posts, or to review running-related products. So far, I’ve turned all of these opportunities down, because they didn’t fit with the mission of Running Writings, but if I do run any sponsored content or promote any products that I received in exchange for a review, I’ll always disclose this at the top of the blog post. Any product or service reviews I do will be honest and straightforward—my endorsement is not up for sale to the highest bidder.

Thanks you and to all my other readers! I hope you enjoy the newly-revitalized Running Writings.  I have a lot more exciting news in the works, so stay tuned!