Monday, July 18, 2011

Something New in Training: The Methods of Renato Canova

This is a piece I finished a few months ago after spending considerable time going over Renato Canova's training methods.  Renato Canova is a world-famous coach who instructs many of the best athletes in the world.  He has worked with the Italian national team in the past, but today, he works mainly with athletes in Kenya.  His athletes have won Olympic and World Championship medals, as well as setting national and world records.  More importantly, his training philosophy is significantly different than that of any other coach I am familiar with.  I wrote the following article in an attempt to understand the mechanics of his philosophy so it could be applied to any training program, not just one for an Olympian.

The formatting isn't working out pretty, and it's a pretty long article, so I'm just going to link to the pdf:

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